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Bluelagoon Tanjung Jepun Snorkeling Ubud Waterfall Temple Private Tour

A fresh activity on snorkeling in two different spot of Blue lagoon and Tanjung Jepun at Padang Bai east Bali. This amazing tour is a great combination of natural scenery, tradition and landscape and religious site of Bali. This amazing tour will take you to visit the most excotiq waterfall of Tegenungan Waterfall, Ubud Butterfly Park, Bali Coffee plantation at natural jungle side, Batuan religious temple of Hindu trinity God, and underwater vision on snorkeling time in Tanjung Jepun and Blue Lagoon in the world popular paradise attraction of Padang Bai Bali.

The itinerary of this amazing snorkeling and ubud scenic tour : 

Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun

Snokeling blue lagoon

First visit on the amazing fresh day tour will take you to viewing the magical wonderful underwater of Blue Lagoon enjoy the best quality time playing around with feeding the clourful fish on their habitat. The second snorkeling spot will take you to the super wonderful of Tanjung Jepun, calm weave of blue clear ocean water will presented a clear vision on exploration underwater view at Tanjung jepun snorkeling spot. A lucky chance will present an unforgaetable time with meeting with tropical ocean turtle on their habitat and a beautiful nemo a super hero fish also can be found at the Tanjung Jepun Snorkeling spot. The snorkeling tour will be provide with a local traditional fiber boat with limited up to 6 person on one private boat attached high technology machine. The snorkeling activity is also provide mask snorkel, life jacket, mineral water, instructor profesional boat captain licensed. Fresh water shower room is provided and The snorkeling tour duration is 1 hour on each spot snorkeling and the ticket price is 250.000 IDR per person

Tegenungan Waterfall 

tegenungan waterfall

It’s one of the well known amazing waterfall on the slope of Petanu River, after it develop at surrounding the area and improving the access facilities by the local Banjar or village community, made the Tegenungan waterfall is one of best waterfall in Bali for traveler must visit while traveling in Bali and on this tour we also will present the great opportunity for your amazing quality time to visit the waterfall tegenungan. Bring your digital vision to the reality on loving the view of tegenungan waterfall and the ticket to visit the waterfall is 15.000 IDR per person

Ubud Butterfly Park 

Butterfly Park Ubud

A beauty garden with tousand of butterfly on the atmostphere of Ubud. It’s an one of best nominated education center tour in Ubud with fun activity education learning about process from larva until it come to the beautiful butterfly filled the huge garden with amazing colourful flower. It is one of the best instagram photo shoot to have a full coulour epic picture with the butterfly. Visiting Ubud butterfly there is ticket apply to visitor on the butterfly park ubud front desk with the ticket price 100.000 Idr per person

Lunch at Warung

Balinese food

Completing the Bali legendary Tour sensation you must have one chance  to enjoy the real of Balinese food, on this opportunity we will take you to visit one of warung, where the visitor able to try a real of Balinese food in higienic and clean category of Warung. Located in the river side settup on tranquil of outskirts of Ubud. Enjoy the main course such as Crispy Duck, Sate Ayam, Betutu, Plecing, and lot more Balinese food with amazing white steam rice flavour on alacharte menu before continue to the next destination.

Bali Coffee plantation

Bali Coffee Luwak

Bali has world famous black liquid where is served every time to begin the amazing day what is called Coffee Bali. On this opportunity, you will get an extra plus experience point to see and visit Bali coffee plantation, and at the plantation you will be presented a tour to introduce how the coffee bean grow, collected and also who is the Luwak coffee consumer as mentioned on every corner adds of Bali coffee as you will be introduce clearly at the plantation on their traditional way processing the product, friendly local farmer also will welcome us with their fresh hot drink product organic wich is out of any chemical and also purely hand made higienic process out of modern machine at the plantation. Visiting coffee plantation is free of entrance ticket.

Batuan Trinity Temple

Batuan Temple

In the last destination of this tour, we will take you to visit Batuan Temple after we have enjoy the amazing underwater of east Bali, Natural site and local farming industry. This temple is well located in the heart of Sukawati district. As popolar with the trinity temple the batuan temple also popular with the local name called ” Pura Puseh and Pura Desa ” which is made it uniqune as different then other temple surrounding the island of tousand temple. It’s presented for worshiping to the God of Brahma and Wisnu God. The temple of Batuan it has three different deviding part, out side called nista mandala, middle side called madya mandala and center of the temple as the holy area where Hindu follower use for worship is called Utama Mandala. These three different part of the area it has different function and meaning which is will be explained and escort your visit at the Batuan temple  by our friendly English speaking tour driver guide. Visiting the temple Batuan, Visitor have to wear a sarong which is provided to borrow using to visit the temple and the donation visiting Batuan temple is 10.000 IDR Per person

The estimate time itinerary for the amazing experience Lagoon Ubud Snorkeling Tour : 

Tour Duration : 11 Hours Day Tour

07 : 30 Am : Departure from Hotel

09 : 00 Am : Breafing and Snorkeling trainee

09 : 15 Am : Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon

10 : 15 Am : Snorkeling at Tanjung Jepun

11 : 15 Am : Snorkeling Finish

11 : 30 Am : Departure to Ubud

13 : 00 Pm : Lunch at Warung Tebing

14 : 00 Pm : Departure to coffee plantation

14 : 15 Pm : Visit Coffee plantation

15 : 00 Pm : Departure to Butterfly park

15 : 10 Pm : Visit Butterfly park

16 : 00 Pm : Departure to Waterfall

16 : 05 Pm : Visit Tegenungan Waterfall

17 : 05 Pm : Departure to Temple

17 : 15 Pm : Visit Batuan Temple

18 : 00 Pm : Tour finish and back to Hotel

What you have to bring on this tour : 

  • Towel
  • Camera / under water camera
  • Sun block
  • Change clothe
  • Money to purchase the ticket entry
  • Hat if nessesary to avoid hot weather

Tour Inclusion :

  • Private tour with airconditioner mini van for maximum up to 6 person of your party
  • English speaking tour driver
  • Mineral water bottle
  • Tour escort
  • Gps trekking system
  • Sarong at the temple
  • Coffee cup and tea at the coffee farm
  • Parking fee
  • Mini Bus 14 seater for your private party maximum up to 14 person
  • Hotel transfer from Kuta,Legian Seminyak,Canggu, Nusa Dua, Sanurto all hotel area in Ubud, Keramas, payangan, sanur , Gianyar or other  way around hotel destination area located in.
  • Professional experienced boat captain
  • Insurance

Tour Exclusion 

Entrance ticket to purchase at the attraction

  • Snorkeling ticket 250.000 Idr per person including with Snorkeling equipment, life jacket, snorkeling instructor, traditional boat as for transport snorkeling, on 2 Hours snorkeling duration.
  • Butterfly park ticket 100.000 idr per person
  • Tegenungan waterfall 15.000 idr per person
  • Batuan Temple donation 10.000 idr per person included sarong to borrow wearing for visit the temple
  • Lunch at the local warung as optional

Private Tour Price : 500.000 IDR per car with private MPV occupant with 6 passenger with out luggage and 4 person with luggage

Seminyak Driver Mini Van

Private Tour Price : 600.000 IDR per mini bus with private  occupant with 14  passenger with out luggage and 10 person with luggage

Seminyak Bali Micro Bus

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Blue Lagoon East Bali Cultural Tour

The best opportunity to experience another traditions and see the creativity work in Bali on highly value on aspect of local life. Bali has brilliant popularity of art from the 40yrd till now get more developed become a classic modern from the artisans inspired. On this tour will take you to visit the East part of Bali Paradise Island, discover the popular Celuk Village the Bali Traditional art of silver and smith, Mas Village the special art expert of Wood carving, amazing coffee plantation to have shot coffee on Bali cup on the day, Tegenungan Waterfall, Gianyar Traditional Authentic Market, Lunch at Warung Malen Rice Terrace Side, Kerta Gosa the floating Royal king palace of Klungkung and  Goa Lawah temple or Bat Cave temple, Blue Lagoon beach Padang Bai. Our friendly tour driver will escort you on this amazing cultural tour and the tour will be begin to visit :

Celuk Village

Celuk Village

Amazing silver work has created their unique character of Balinese design of silver and smith. It’s one of the popular place to find an art of silver, the visitor will present a small tour to see how the process from the block and been of silver become a beautiful smith on detailing process on high value for who wearing the silver jewellery. Visiting Celuk Village silver art is free of entrance fee.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall

Amazing breathtaking view of exciting waterfall, surrounding by green scenery. Tegenungan waterfall has the best view-point from 100 meter above the hill-side. Possibility to take incredible picture with background of beautiful waterfall view. Steps access to the bottom river side with an easy access, fresh clean water at the spring in Beji temple also has possibility access for visitor. The ticket visiting Tegenungan Waterfall is 15.000 idr per person.

Wood Carving Art in Mas Village

Mas village

The special village called Mas Village, it’s a world-famous wood carving creator with specific detailing wood work on unique statue. A local villager as the wood-carver in Mas village has their own way to create the best of the wood work, it’s an expression of art on wood work is special present on our visit in Mas Village. The personal carver will give us special introduction how the trick to create and to choose the best type of wood to get amazing art work. Visiting Mas village is free of entrance fee.

Warung Dewa Malen

Balinese food

One of the best Balinese culinary, get the chance to try interesting and exotic alacharte selections food such as ” Lawar, Nasi Ayam,Nasi Campur, Ayam Betutu, Bebek crispy, and Gudeg Nangka ” as varian menu also verifyed as Halal Food. Also available an vegetarian menu at Warung Dewa Malen to present the best experience of Balinese food experience for traveling in Bali.

Bali Coffee Plantation 

Bali Coffee Luwak

Find your magical by visiting the best of agriculture of Bali coffee plantation, learn how the local farmer plan their spice and herbs tree, taste the fresh roasted coffee bean in the real time at coffee plantation, unforgettable session will be present on complimentary tester on visiting time at Bali coffee plantation with trying all of fresh product from the plantation such as Bali Coffee, Luwak Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Manggostean Tea and Best of Tumeric Juice as the world best blood circulation herbal drink. Visiting Bali Coffee plantation is free of entrance fee.

Gianyar Tradional Market

Gianyar Market
Gianyar Traditional market

Find the local way of life by visiting the original traditional market at Gianyar regentcy. Located in the middle of main land of Bali with more then 20.000 People leave in the city on traditional way of living. Open stage market along the busy traditional lane. Fresh vegetable, meat and cooking ingredient can be found on the traditional gianyar market.

Kerta Gosa Floating Palace

Kerta Gosa

The descendant of the first King in Amlapura klungkung East of Bali. On his famous name of King Dewa Agung Jambe. It has ruled under varying fortunes for more then two centuries. The amazing Bale Kambang where the building was made for welcoming the Raja or King from another dynasty is amazingly still stand and strong up in the palace area, with a unique painting of puppet of history Ramayana which is still exist until now. The museum memorial of historical dinasty and the Gods heritage from the dynasty as also storage in the showcase of Museum Semara Jaya in Kerta Gosa Klungkung Palace.  Visiting amazing historical Kerta Gosa has a ticket 30.000 IDR per person.

Goa Lawah Temple

Goa Lawah Temple
Goa Lawah Temple

A natural holy cave habit with tousand of Bat. The temple of goa lawah is very important Hindu Temple for Balinese, most of ritual happening in Goa Lawah Called Nyegara Gunung as the next step ritual and Ceremony after the cremation, mention to purify the soul who was pass away to clean up and get better place closer to nirwana as written story in the old poam ” Purwa Bhuana ” page 18. Visiting Goa lawah temple has a ticket 20.000 idr per person included sarong provided.

Blue Lagoon Beach Padang Bai

bllue lagoon Beach bali

Absolute amazing lagoon beach well located in Padang Bai east of Bali, it has a great coral view if you wish to do a snorkeling at the lagoon beach with an easy swimming access from the beach , and also there is second spot access able with local boat hire. Sun bed is available to hire and also snorkeling glass available to rent with small cost only 75.000 idr per snorkel mask.

The time time estimate itinerary East Bali Cultural Tour :

08 : 00 Am : Departure from your hotel

09 : 00 Am : Visit Celuk Silver art village

10 : 00 Am : Visit Tegenungan Waterfall

11 : 00 Am : Visit Mas Village Wood Carving

12 : 00 Pm : Lunch at Warung Malen

13 : 00 Pm : Visit Coffee Plantation

14 : 00 Pm : Visit Gianyar Tradional Market

15 : 00 Pm : Visit Kerta Gosa Royal palace

16 : 00 Pm : Visit Goa Lawah Temple

17 : 00 Pm : Visit Blue Lagoon Beach

18 : 00 Pm : Back to Hotel

What to bring and needed on this tour :

  • Towel,sunblock,camera,hat,sun glasses, money, phone cable charger to charge your mobile device in the car

Tour Inclusion : 

  • English-speaking tour driver
  • Private air conditioner car
  • Private tour only for you and your group participant or family
  • 7 seater car MPV type vehicle
  • 14 seater mini bus for group booking
  • Bottle water by Danone Aqua
  • Parking fee
  • Sarong visiting holy area
  • Gps trekker location
  • insurance

Tour exclusion : 

Entrance ticket to purchase at attraction

  • Tegenungan Waterfall 15.000 IDR per person
  • Kerta Gosa Royal Palace 30.000 IDR per person
  • Goa Lawah Temple : 20.000 IDR per person
  • Blue lagoon beach : Snorkel Mask hire 75.000 idr per snorkel mask.
  • Lunch are optional

East Bali Cultural Tour price : 

Seminyak Driver

500.000 IDR per car, provided with 7 seater Mpv mini van, is a Private Tour per booking as only for you and your participant or family

seminyak mini bus

700.000 IDR per car, provided with 14 seater Mini Bus, is a Private Tour per booking as only for you and your participant or family

Booking Access : 

Email : seminyakdriver@gmail.com

Phone : +62 82 236 087 680 or +62 082 341 342 087 

Whatapps : +62 82 236 087 680 or +62 082 341 342 087 

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